How to help your children into a home by using your home equity

At 2Be, we are focused on doing one thing well: Helping Australians between the ages of 55 and 75 to use the equity in their home to help their children—and grandchildren—now.

Our Equity Advantage® loan is like no other loan
Traditional banks don’t want to lend to 55+. We do!
5 year fixed rate term, option to pay interest or defer all payments to the end.
Our assessment considers your assets and credit history, not your income or job status.
We are fast: we can generally give you a decision within 48 hours.

Designed by experts

The creators of 2Be have run some of the biggest banks in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

We have worked with leading risk advisors to create a home equity loan for over 55s to help children buy a home.

Our product is not for everyone, and our lending policies and application process are designed to identify and protect those who are financially vulnerable.

Welcome from the CEO of 2Be

How Equity Advantage® works

A 30 minute application
Stage 1

Discover your Financial Firepower™

Our free calculator will estimate the current value of your home. Simply type in your address and whisper us your age. We will show you how much money you could potentially release from your home.

Stage 2

Enter your details online

It’s fast and secure.
We only ask you what we need to know to get you to the approval stage:

  • About you, about your assets, your credit history and access to verifying some financial information.
Stage 3

Fast Approval

We are fast: We can generally give you a decision within 48 hours.

Then it’s up to you how you repay:  Interest only? Interest and up to 5% of the original loan amount p.a.? You can even defer all payments until the end of the 5 year term.

Your money. Your decisions.

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Your money, your decision. Choose how you want to repay it. Interest

What our customers are saying

"All of our friends are trying to figure out how we can assist our kids NOW.  Your application process was simple and quick and we had money within a couple of days of starting. Equity Advantage is a great option and has made us happy grandparents."
Jim and Julie
                             Randwick - NSW

Get your free Financial Firepower™ estimate now.

Find out how much of your home equity you can access to help your children with their home deposit.

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The keys to being the best Bank of Mum and Dad

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the interest rate and what fees will I pay?
What happens at the end of five years?
What is the maximum loan I can receive?
How is 2Be's Equity Advantage different from a traditional reverse mortgage?
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